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White SciPhone i68 4G Cellphone Available on Sep 10th, 2010

Posted on 10th Sep 2010 @ 11:43 AM

Dear Customers:

SciPhone i68 4G in White color is now available, and now you can select any colors between the two- Black or White. White i68 4G is a little expensive that black i68 4G, which is originated from more processes used for white i68 4G. Yopool.com promise the same price as black Sciphone i68 4G, and any interest can be refered to our website http://www.yopool.com/products/Sciphone-i68-4G-Quad-Band-Dual-Card-Dual-Standby-WIFI-Java-3.2-Inch-Touch-Screen-CellPhone-iPhone-4G-Clone-p-1544.html or our blog at blog.yopool.com.

Yopool.com Team