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10% Coupon and Get What You Need but Paid Nothing

Posted on 15th Sep 2010 @ 11:01 AM

Dear Yopool.com Users:

Would you pls recommend our website www.r4wood.com or www.yopool.com to your friends ? And we will send you coupons below. Namely, you can get what you need although you have paid nothing.
It will be done like this.
1> Tell your friends about our website;
2> He or She orders from our website;
3> Your friends leave your name in their order comment, which helps us to add how much we will send to you;
4> We will send 10% coupons of what they will order, and that can be sumed up.
For example: You recommend our website www.r4wood.com to your friends, and your friends order at r4wood.com, one of them order $10usd, other order $40, and the third friend order two times ($20usd, $30usd). Then we will give you a coupon equal to (10 + 40 + 20 + 30)*10% = $10usd. Now you can choose any products up to $10usd from our websites.
And if your friends come back and order again, you can still get such coupon only if your friends leave your name in their order comment.
And our websites are www.yopool.com and www.r4wood.com
It is effective from now on.