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PS3 Jailbreak Update for Original 3.50 with 3D Videos and Online Play

Posted on 22nd Nov 2010 @ 9:41 PM

News from PSJailbreak.com

PSJailbreak.com announce a couple huge changes not only to our product but also to the whole community. PS Downgrade is now unlimited... that right.... Update to play original 3.50 with 3D videos and Online play and Downgrade to play homebrew or Other OS.

It announces an official price drop.The new MSRP is 99$ USD instead of 125$ making it more affordable for everyone. Next, as of today all new hardware shipped will come with PSdowngrade installed free of charge.

Lastly, all existing customers can start receiving the free PS Downgrade as of 29th of November using PS Upgrader available on the downloads page.

Buy PSJailbreak at $28.72usd free shipping