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Analog TV Cellphone + Cigarette Lighter + Privacy Protectioin + Anti Theft Tracking

Posted on 11th Jul 2010 @ 8:56 AM

Analog TV Java + Cigarette Lighter + Privacy Protectioin + Anti Theft Tracking ?

What does it mean ?  Yopool.com tells that these applications are all built into one Chinese Phone - Tianchen E588.

It is not news nowadays for any Chinese mobile phone with Analog TV Jave built in, however it may get you shocked at the applications below.

Cigarette Lighter Built-in
  • Of course, it may be awesome for Smokers
Encryption Protection
  • Protect your phone lock, keypad lock, call log, phone book, SMS with passward entry
Anti Theft Tracking
  • Phone book will be sent back to the defined phone number once the lost phone is powered on, namely phone book will never get lost
These are several features of this brand new Dual SIM Duan Standby cellphone - Tianchen E588 at price of only $86.64usd. More functions and specifications are available at yopool.com and pls click here.