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Original MicroSIM Cutter with MicroSIM Adaptors for iPad iPhone 4 - 100% Tested

MicroSIM Cutter
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MicroSIM Cutter with MicroSIM Adaptors for iPad iPhone

The brand new iPad and iPhone 4 use a new format SIM card. "Normal" SIM for GSM handset is a diminutive 15*25mm card while iPad and iPhone 4 requires 12*15mm Micro SIM card which is about 52% smaller. Needless to say, it is not physically compatible with your current mobile phones.

Therefore yopool.com suggest you to cut Normal SIM into Micro SIM if you want to use it in iPad or iPhone 4 while you happen to get Normal SIM in hand. MicroSIM Cutter is designed for your need which meets ISO7816 Smart Card Standard. And your DIY of Normal SIM into Micro SIM is guaranteed with this MicroSIM Cutter. It's your iPad iPhone 4 SIM Cutter.

About MicroSIM Cutter
MicroSIM cutter is specially designed for cutting normal SIM card into Micro SIM card. Accurately we shapped the cutter knife as 12*15mm as well as cutter tray, which can perfectly hold normal SIM. It comes with two long handles, you can easily cut your SIM with gentle press.

  • Manufacture under ISO7816 Smart Card Standard
  • 100% Cut successfully, 100% Perfect MicroSIM Card out
  • Stainless Steel´╝î No rustiness forever
  • Easy to operate
  • Fine workmanship
Q MicroSIM CutterSIM Card in Q MicroSIM Cutter
What can do if I still want to use Micro card for GSM phone after cut ?
  • Don't woory about it. We prepared a perfect solution: MicroSIM adaptor. It is able to completely restore MicroSIM back to Normal SIM.
  • MicroSIM adaptor has standard size as, inside is SIM tray for MicrpSIM, original Normal SIM.
  • Now you can enjoy your SIM on both iPad, iPhone 4 and GSM mobiles.
MicroSIM AdaptorQ MicroSIM Cutter Package
What's in the Box:
  • 1 * Original MicroSIM Cutter
  • 2 * MicroSIM adaptor (2 bags)

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